Our work engages in creating new business eco systems that emerge from exploring new visions in the circular economy: where at the core of these systems lie the complex negotiations of how to balance environmental impacts, socio-technical interfaces with business drivers. 

These outcomes aim to reveal and encourage  healthy sustainable and smart cities in highly dense environments characterised by metropolises such as Hong Kong and the greater bay area,  Shanghai and the Pearl River Delta. 


FOOD: The food system is critical to urban sustainability, shapes the quality of life of its inhabitants their health and happiness. Yet its very foundations are in crisis. We explore with our clients this category transformation through distributed networks and disruptive technologies using both traditional and innovative systems to better serve urban and rural citizens.

FASHION: Fashion touches everyone everyday yet very few citizens are able to engage in the move towards more responsible fashion behaviors. We aim to drive change, with our clients, in the fashion system through exploring new ways of doing, collaborative action, knowledge sharing, and designing for real time data decision making.

IKEA - Innovative new product lines

With goals to introduce new product lines. IKEA global design team immersed themselves in a hands-on designerly led experience in Shanghai, China, among experts in conscious food and food innovation,  exploring the potential for new Urban food product line opportunities .


H & M - Reshaping the supply chain 

With sustainability goals set, H&M, one of the biggest and first movers in fast fashion aims to reshape its supply chain. With  multiple supply chain stakeholders, including policy makers, mills, designers plus Chinese and Swedish government officials, teams learned and created together to identify new ways of working towards improved production methodologies and taking waste out of the fashion system. 


Successful track record in global research, development and prototyping new ways of living and working that explore the quality of our lives, urban impacts and resilience.

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